Official Opening of Foodbank's Fruit & Veg Centre

Towards 1,000,000 kg of Fruit & Veg to help those in need

Foodbank SA is proud to announce the opening of the new Fruit and Vegetable facility at the Adelaide Produce Market. On Wednesday the 27th of August, Foodbank SA opened its refrigerated fruit and vegetable warehouse to meet the increasing demand of people seeking food relief in South Australia.

More than 10% of South Australians have sought food relief in the past year and this number is increasing. With the rise in cost of living, South Australians are finding it increasingly difficult to eat healthy. For low income families in Adelaide, healthy foods can amount to up to a third of their weekly income, and simply put, these people just won’t get enough fruit and vegetables to fulfil their needs.

With the launch of the new fruit and vegetables facility, Foodbank SA are now in a position to receive fresh produce from adjoining businesses as well as from growers and packing sheds in the Adelaide Hills, Adelaide Plains and Mallee regions. Foodbank SA will then distribute the fruit and vegetables from our four warehouses to our 750 welfare groups and schools free of charge.

This facility is a dramatic step forward for Foodbank SA and for South Australians who need food relief. As Foodbank SA Chairman Simon Schrapel states “three years ago, we distributed 100,000kg of fresh fruit and vegetables annually. This year we expect to receive 650,000kg of donated produce- and by 2016 we will reach 1,000,000 kg distributed free to 150,000 South Australians who rely on food relief each year.” These numbers show that hunger is not only an issue for third world countries but one that we face locally as well, it also demonstrates the need for an innovative solution such as Foodbank SA’s new facility.

This project is substantial in that it not only provides food relief but also promotes healthy eating to people in need and that often go without healthy foods. Foodbank SA would like to share this celebration with you and recognise the principal partner in this innovative initiative the Adelaide Produce Market for their commitment and generosity. Foodbank also acknowledges key project sponsors ZeroWaste SA, Coopers Brewery Foundation, CMV Foundation, freight partners, Harris Refrigerated & Collins and logistics company Inline Logistics.

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