The End Hunger Campaign

80% of what is needed is already in place

The End Hunger Campaign was launched in November 2011 by Foodbank SA, with the aim of developing a whole-of-community approach to tackle the issue of food insecurity in South Australia. We believe that such an audacious goal could be achievable because in Australia:

  • we produce twice the quantity of food that we eat
  • farmers reject about 10% of their fruit and vegetable crops because they are not perfect for market (while being perfectly good to eat), and this is available at low cost
  • there is significant effort being put in by many welfare and community groups to alleviate hunger
  • and lastly, Foodbank's procurement and logistics expertise provides the welfare sector with a logistics hub capable of coordinating the distribution effort required.

In summary, the problem of ending hunger is therefore not whether there is enough good food, nor whether there are enough groups working to alleviate the problem. It is one of effective and efficient distribution of good food using Foodbank SA's operational and logistics expertise and the expansion of its capacity to reach those in need.

This is a whole-of-community endeavour, a long term campaign, and its success will depend on the combined efforts of all involved, including the current welfare sector, government departments working in these areas, and corporate Australia and the public for their support.

"The wrong approach is to expect government to solve on its own this problem: I think government, corporations, community-based organisations and individuals all have to work together to solve what is a complex problem" -  Patricia Faulkner AO, SACOSS Cost of Living Summit 2012.

We have been overwhelmed with the support we have received from many significant organisations who share our belief that the issue of hunger in South Australia is a solvable problem.  Particular thanks must go to the following:

  • Adelaide Signs
  • Barry Maney and Family
  • Barry Maney Ford
  • Bendigo Bank
  • Bowden Printing
  • Brighter Brands
  • Coles
  • Community Benefit SA
  • Energy Australia
  • Freemasons Foundation SA & NT
  • Northpoint Toyota
  • QBE
  • SA Power Networks
  • The Advertiser Sunday Mail Foundation
  • The Australian Hotels Association (SA)
  • The CMV Group
  • The CMV Staff Foundation
  • The Government of South Australia
  • The Lions Club of Richmond
  • The Morialta Trust
  • The Port Adelaide Football Club
  • TOLL
  • VISY